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The BCoT Nursery is following Government Guidelines and will keep parents up to date with any impact COVID-19 may have on the Nursery. For more information, please follow these links: BCoT Nursery COVID19 Activity and Equipment Risk assessment and BCoT Nursery COVID19 Contingency Plan and Site Operating Procedures.

Winter Menu

All meals are nut-free.

Week One  Main Dessert Tea
Monday Butternut squash and red pepper Thai curry, rice, carrots & samosa Fresh fruit Jacket potato and chilli
Tuesday Roast chicken, roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots and gravy Fresh fruit salad and yoghurt Tomato Soup and crusty bread
Wednesday Chicken and vegetable risotto Cherry and sultana flapjack Tuna and cucumber sandwiches
Thursday Pork and beef meatballs with tomato and vegetable sauce, pasta and garlic bread Jam sponge and custard Beans on toast

Chicken chasseur, sautéed potatoes, carrots and peas

Yoghurt Fish finger sandwiches
Week Two Main Dessert Tea
Monday Salmon & broccoli pasta and garlic bread  Yoghurt  Pizza
Tuesday Chicken & vegetable casserole Rice pudding Spaghetti on toast
Wednesday Beef stew and dumplings  Fresh fruit salad Cheese on crumpets
Thursday Lamb goulash, rice, carrots and green beans  Apple crumble and custard Cheese and tomato sandwiches
Friday Fish curry, basmati rice and samosa  Semolina and jam Sweet potato and lentil soup and bread roll
Week Three Main Dessert Tea
Monday Fish, leek and potato tray bake cauliflower and broccoli Fresh fruit Ham and tomato sandwiches
Tuesday Beef Moussaka, carrots and green beans Banana Cake Cheese on crumpets
Wednesday Chicken pie, mashed potato and mixed vegetables Bread and butter pudding and custard Macaroni cheese
Thursday Lamb hotpot Fresh fruit salad and yoghurt Red lentil and carrot soup with crusty bread
Friday Quorn Con Carne, rice and peas Chocolate rice crispy cake Beans on toast
Week Four Main Dessert Tea
Monday Sweet and sour chicken & rice Oat and raisin cookie Spaghetti on toast
Tuesday Chicken korma, Basmati rice, peas and naan bread Pineapple upside-down cake and custard Fish finger sandwiches
Wednesday Roast turkey, roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots and gravy Yoghurt Tomato soup and crusty bread
Thursday Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni and mixed vegetables Fresh fruit salad Jacket potato, beans and cheese
Friday Fishcake, potato wedges and mushy peas Banana and custard Cheese and cucumber sandwiches
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